Welcome to My New Life

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Familia, Feels


Setelah sekian lama aku menghilang @ menyepi @ mendiamkan diri, finally, I’m back wif new post.. Woooahhhh!! Such a long time aku x menulis @ meng’apdet’ kat cni.. Ni pon gara-gara aku telah terasa bosan dgn Facebook.. Then, kembali laa aku ke alam blogging ni.. Hahahaha.. Gle rindu nak menaip kat cni.. Even, aku x tau de lg ke yg nak baca My BerHabuk Blog ni.. Huhuhu..

1stly, aku nak say thanx a lot to Facebook yg berjaya wat aku bosan dgn beliau.. hikhikhik.. Then to Sum1 yg suddenly berlegar-legar in my head (t’tbe t’bca sumtin in his blog).. N not forgotten My Job coz berjaya wat aku menyampah.. N finally, I end up wif new post ere to throw away ke’boring’an aku nie..

Btw, now I’m already turns to a really new person in a new place, new enviroment n new life.. Act, so many things I would like to share.. But if I state it all ere, it’s gonna be a long, long, long, post.. So let me make it short.. Now, I’m Mrs. to Mr. Nor Fikry bin Abdul Wahab a.k.a. My eEe.. n I already hv a Cute n Manja Baby Boy, Nor Rayyan Haqeem.. Now, he’s already turns to 5 month.. So, if I calculate ere, it’s been almost 1 & half a year I left diz blog.. Huhuhuhu..

Now, Me, Myself & I will start a new chapter ere n I’m gonna start to blogging again.. Enuf 4 now, I’m gonna continue in my next post.. Until, we meet again..

Brains Note: I’m happy to Blogging again.. Seriously, miss a lot to diz blog & Sum1(maybe)..

  1. aien says:

    wooo..who’s sum1? ahahaha. welcome back madam fyda! ehehe..

  2. madfeekree says:

    yaaa who’s sum1?ihihihihihi
    tp mmg pon kalo da bosan2 tu mmg cari blog masing2 blk nak ngadu nasib..

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