Posted: March 6, 2009 in Feels, Merapu, Work



Ptg ni aku x nak taip pnjg2.. juz nak bgtau, aku skrg ni tgh tension+stress=pressure.. juz bcoz keje yg t’amat byk *sabtu n ahad pun kna dtg keje.. damn it!! i hv a plan la!!*.. n d tambah umat2 yg s’akan2 x faham my situation rite now.. i do need Sum1 but i dun think anybody can understand me!! plszzzz.. do understand me babe.. 😦

Datz enuf.. itz time to go home..

Last but not least, miss Sum1 like hell..

  1. madfeekree says:

    dear fyda..xmau tensi2 cmneh yek..buat kije elok2 tau..n bile da abes keje,blk umah,rest la ckup2 ek..
    gudluck yek..
    **friendly thoughts ny me**

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