31st January 2009

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Saturday~~31st January 2009~~

Last Saturday, aku jumpa sum1 special.. special ke?? special laa gak.. hehehe.. act, ni bkn 1st time @ 1st date ktorg.. but 4 diz time, it’z a lil bit special 4 me.. seriously, im so happy dat day..😀

From PD, im driving by my own 2 komuter station.. dr Seremban aku ke Serdang by train.. n he pick me up there.. once i saw his face, i can see he smiles😀 all da way.. im so excited.. damn excited.. ehekss..

Our 1st destination, Putrajaya.. tujuan utama ktorg dtg cni coz dia nak m’langsaikan denda dia coz t’lupa wish 4 my birthday.. so, i ask him 2 sing a song n play guitar 4 me.. damn cool babe.. dia tunaikan denda dia dgn jayanya.. he sang 3 songs while played his guitar.. so, touching.. even not a love song but still meaningfull 2 me.. thanx dear.. so, next time ley lg kan.. hehehe.. :)

Next, we’re goin 2 JJ Cheras Selatan.. n havin our lunch there.. he treats me at Secret Recipe.. I love da cakes.. Cheeze Choc.. so shweeeet yunk.. :*

After finished our lunch, ktorg jalan2 laa.. i’ve bought 2 novels n a magazine.. n guest wut?? dia belikan i birthday present yg super duper special 4 me.. dat day was my special day.. he sang songs 4 me.. he treats me at Secret Recipe.. n he gave me a very2 special birthday present which is i can’t ever 4get.. i noe he spent a lots of money 4 me dat day.. a lots of thanx my dear.. u r so special 4 me even ur’s sum1.. oppssss!! :p

Next, we’re goin 2 Mines do some windows shopping.. havin some fun.. n njoy ourself.. seriously, im njoyed dat day wif him.. n b4 im goin back 2 Seremban, we’re spent our time boraks2, gelak2 n havin some more fun 2gether.. hehehe.. :p

He sent me back 2 Seremban 2 pick my car.. n all da way from Serdang 2 Seremban, ktorg borak2.. thanx coz spent a day, spent da money n sent me 2 Seremban.. Luckily, i dun have 2 b’sesak2 dlm train.. hehehe..

Datz da best damn thing dat i’ve ever had wif him.. he’s da best ‘teman tp mesra’.. jgn marah 4 da statement.. hahahaha..

By da way, thanx 2 him coz layan i mmg best sgt2 masa 2.. thanx 4 everything babe.. cayunk u lebey laa.. hehehe..😀


  1. azmi says:

    pergh….bestnyooo…aku pun nk carik temang taping mesreng gak lah…ekeke…eehhhh..xleh2, t kene belasah ngn ehem2 aku….ekekeke…

  2. fydaeee86 says:

    wakakakak.. jgn weyy.. nanti marah ehem2 ko, ko gak yg kena.. kes aku laen.. hakhakhak..

  3. aien says:

    woooo…weyhh..tu bkn teman tp mesra lg dah tu tp teman terlebih mesra beb..ahahaa..

  4. fydaeee86 says:

    uikssss!! x laa aien.. mana de t’lebey mesra.. org nak blanje, kita trima jea.. ekekeke.. yg penting, ingat2 sndiri.. ahakzzzz!!

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